Misled by FindMyPast

I had an email this morning from the Helpdesk at Find My Past regarding my query about the 1911 Census and their Explorer subscription.

Dear Ian

Thank you for your email.

The 1911 census will  be coming to findmypast.com under subscription later in the year.

We have at no point claimed that the 1911 census will be available under the Explorer subscription.

Further details entailing what subscription this will be available under will be communicated once these have been determined.


So while, I agree, they did not specifically state that the 1911 Census would be available under the Explorer subscription, their email offering discounted subscriptions implied it.

Their email advertising the discounted subscriptions contained:

Why join now? 2009 is going to be a big year!

2009 will see us finish our new versions of the last two England & Wales censuses (1851, 1901), add images to the 1881 census, and most importantly, will see us add the brand-new 1911 census later in the year.

We will be the only website to include the 1911 census next year, meaning findmypast.com will be the only place to find the complete censuses 1841-1911.

This implies that a reason to join them will be to get access to the 1911 Census. As it will be available on a separate subscription, this is not a reason to take out a discounted subscription, therefore this is, in my opinion, confirmed false advertising.

Their (newly revised) subscription usage terms still state that “The Explorer subscription entitles you to unlimited access to all records on the findmypast.com website, excluding Living Relatives.”

I have now contacted Consumer Direct with the details and will await their response.

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