Crown Agents

Originally it was believed that Henry Hedges was employed by Crown Agents, however it now appears that he was recruited by them on behalf of the colonial administration in Nigeria and later transferred to Sierra Leone [1].

There are no records at Crown Agents for him, this is not unusual as he was not a senior colonial administrator [1].

Any pension related to his service would have been administered by the Department for International Development [1].

Lines of investigation:

Contact Crown Agents to see if they have any records of previous employees or pension payments. – contacted Crown Agents 25th July 2008 – not found at Crown Agents 29th July 2008

Contact Department for International Development Pensions Department to see if they have any records of Henry’s posting or pension. – contacted on 29th July 2008 – My Brick Wall is crumbling 11th August 2008


[1] Email correspondence from company secretary of Crown Agents – see my post Not found at Crown Agents

updated on 14th August 2008 to reflect the fact that Henry Hedges did not work for Crown Agents. New page about the Colonial Service of Henry Hedges created.

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