Northern Provinces News

Henry Hedges, in his letter from Kaduna mentions I refer to the Northern Provinces News, the first paper to be published in the north, and the only trilingual news sheet ever published in Nigeria. It fell to my lot, as you may remember, to plan out the first number, and it may interest you to know that it is still produced in the same format and now boasts of a circulation of 6000 copies. .

Investigation of this newspaper shows that the British Library has issues 1-13 in their catalogue and that it was published between 14. Nov 1931 and 1 Jan 1937 in Kaduna, Nigeria.

It’s alternate titles are ‘Jaridar Nigeria ta arewa’ and ‘Jaridat al Nijeriya al Shimaliyya’ and is in English, Hausa and ?.

Lines of investigation:

View or obtain copy of Northern Provinces News from British Library. – to do

Find out what the third language was. – to do

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