Updated online family tree pages

I have made some changes to the layout of my online family tree pages.

This has included splitting the pages up so that only one family is on a page instead of the 10 that were previously on each page. The software that I use to create the pages from my GEDCOM file, GED4WEB, was unable to set to 1 group per page through it’s options; it kept defaulting back to 10. However, the settings for the program are stored in the computers registry, so if you are confident about editing the registry, you can make the changes there and they work.

The location of the values is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Papineau\GED4WEB

The values I changed were Groups Decendancy and Groups Pedigree, both were set to 1

The usual disclaimer about editing the registry applies. Make sure you have backups and know what you are doing, mistakes editing the registry can cause your computer to fail to start or work properly.

I also added a redirect in my .htaccess file with a permanent  (301) redirect for all old ‘Database’ pages to the new ‘database’ location:

RedirectMatch 301 ^/Database/(.*)$ http://family.ijhedges.com/database/$1

This worked perfectly, however, after the changes I made above, the old pages will not match the new pages, so any old links would find the wrong data. I have to remove it, but still, I’ll mention it so I have it for referance and for anyone else who might need something similar.

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