Henry’s Birth Certificate arrived

It’s been a very long week since I applied for a copy of Henry Hedges’ birth certificate.

It finally arrived today and was waiting for me when I got home. I nearly missed it; previously when I had sent for certificates, they had arrived folded up in a thin brown envelope. This one was in a white A5 window envelope. I can’t remember if I have ordered directly from the General Register Office before, it might have only been county register offices. It was a surprise to find when looking at the certificate to see that they print the scanned record from the register instead of just transcribing it. I don’t know if they have been doing this long, but I may now replace some of my older transcribed copy certificates.

Anyway, on to the contents of the certificate. Yes, it’s him! Born on the 17th February 1897 at 7:45pm at 101 Portman Buildings. This is the same address that Henry Hedges age 4, son of Henry and Louisa was living at in the 1901 Census. From the certificate, his father is Henry Hedges, which I already knew, a railway carriage gasman, which I suspected and his mother is Louisa Hedges formerly Copp, which I also suspected. His father Henry registered the birth on 20th February 1897.

I finally get to combine the two Henry Hedges in my family tree; the first Henry Hedges[P16], my grandfather and the second Henry Hedges[P408], son of Henry and Louisa. It has been a long time, but I think I can safely say, my grandfather is no longer my family tree brick wall. It just remains to continue investigating his parents and their line.

All of this was possible because of the suggestion by the company secretary of Crown Agents who suggested that I contact the Pensions Department at the Department for International Development and provided me with the contact details. I am very grateful to her for the time she gave to my enquiry.

I’ve just realised I also get to combine Henry’s parents in my tree as well.

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