Data from Marriage Certificates

Last weekend I applied on the General Register Office for four copy marriage certificates including Henry Hedges’ parents Henry and Louisa.

The certificates arrived yesterday and have provided a feast of information:

Henry Hedges and Louisa Copp

16 Jul 1894
Register Office, Marylebone, London
Henry Hedges, 27, Bachelor, Carriage Gas Man Railway, 39 Grove Road, Marylebone
Louisa Copp, 25, Spinster, 484 Edgeware Road, Marylebone
Groom’s father, John Hedges (deceased), cab driver
Bride’s father, – Copp (deceased), gold worker

Thomas Harper and Emma Edge

10 Oct 1844
unreadable, Acton under Edgmond, Salop
Thomas Harper, 26, Bachelor, Servant, Pave Lane
Emma Edge, 23, Spinster, Servant, Pave Lane
Groom’s father, John Harper, Labourer
Bride’s father, John Edge, Miner
Witnesses John Harper & Sarah Edge

Alfred Cakebread and Annie Collins

3 Nov 1867
District Church, Wareside, Ware, Herts
Alfred Cakebread, 21, Bachelor, Labourer, Wareside
Annie Collins, 18, Spinster, Wareside
Groom’s father, James Arbour, Labourer
Bride’s father, John Collins, Labourer

James Arbour and Sarah Cakebread

18 Sep 1852
District Church, Wareside, Ware, Herts
James Arbour, 26, Bachelor, Labourer, Wareside
Sarah Cakebread, 23, Spinster, Servant, Wareside
Groom’s father, George Arbour, Labourer
Bride’s father, Thomas Cakebread, Carter

I have entered all of this into my family tree and updated my online database. I’m fast concluding that I will drop the pages created by Ged4Web in favour of the online database.

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